Upside Down

Kimberly and Guillaume Montels are two circus artists who studied at the National Circus School of Montreal. They worked for several companies (Cirque Plume, Sky Production, Les 7 doigts de la main, Cirque Baroque, Les Acrostiches…) in which they presented acts in many different disciplines ( juggling, acrobatics, hand to hand, trampoline, teeterboard, artistic bicycle, Cyr wheel, Electric Uni Cycle…).

They were also initiated to sway pole by Ramon Kelvink Jr. and Catherine Léger by redoing “Duo du Haut”. They present, among other acts: “The Angels Dance”, an act in this discipline in the company they built named: “Upside Down”.

They worked with artists from the Music World. They toured in Zenith’s with Aldebert, Claire Keim, Ours… Performed at Tomorrowland with David Guetta and other famous DJ’s.

Upside Down was born from the experience acquired within big companies from various horizons, which they crossed and from the desire to accomplish and present their own works.

The Artists


Kimberly Montels

It all started with a young girl, always feet up and head down, who climbed on bookshelves and flipped on beds. Her parents then decided to put her in ballet at the age of 4, the following year she began gymnastics to afterwards end up at the National circus school of Montreal at 10 years old. After many years of intensive training in several different disciplines, Kimberly graduated in 1998 and left the National circus school with an artistic bicycle act at hand.

She participated in two Artistic Cycling World Championships and worked in the United States of America and Canada, for Nock Entertainment, Cirque Éos and Élément Cirque. She then migrated to Europe where she toured with Cirque Starlight, Mauvais Esprits and the famous Cirque Plume. She also performed with the Styx Théâtre and the Cirque Baroque.
She is actually on tour with Acrostiches et Compagnie.

During her professional career, Kimberly created an Acrobatic Tango with Guillaume Montels and participated in several teeterboard and sway poles acts.

Together, in 2014, they found “Upside Down”.

SPECIALITIES: Artistic bicycle, acrobatics, hand to hand, teeterboard flying, swinging, sway pole, EUC.

Guillaume Roue Cyr

Guillaume Montels

Ten years of intense training in the circus arts, Guillaume finally graduated from the National circus school of Montreal. He specialized in acrobatics and juggling of all kinds. He is multidisciplinary and practiced theater and dance seriously. He has held different roles in the circus world such as: presenter, coach, producer. He is not only an artist but a circus actor. His acts are original and of good quality. He likes working with a group and has creative spirit.

Guillaume has worked for Cirque du Monde, Les productions Starlight, Élément Cirque, le Cirque Eos, Cirque Plume, Sky Production, A.O.C., les 7 doigts de la main, with the french singer Aldebert, Cirq’ulation local, le Cirque Baroque and le Cubitus du Manchot.
He joined Les Acrostiches in 2015 and he is currently touring his second production with this company.

He founds with Kimberly, in 2014, his own company “Upside Down”.

SPECIALITIES: Acrobatics, Handstands, Teeterboard and Trampoline flying, Juggling, Hand to hand, Cyr wheel, Sway Pole, EUC.

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