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The Acts

The Angels Dance

Artistic Bicycle

Cyr wheel in "Traces"

Cyr wheel with Aldebert

Acrobatic Tango - Incroyable Talent

Acrobatic Tango - Starlight

Contact Ball

Armchair (acrobatics)

Passing - Les 4 Quarts

Kim & Guillaume performing

In training

Handstands & Teeterboard

5 ball tricks

Show teasers

Cirque Eos - Chapitô

Élément Cirque

Cirque Plume - Plic Ploc

Aldebert - J'ai 10 ans

Aldebert's clip

Cirq'ulation Locale

Le Cubitus du Manchot

Fun spot

Every possibles saltos


Diving in Zurich

The quebecer swing

Find more videos on YouTube and Vimeo.